Things To Do If You Are Injured In A Collision Caused by Uninsured Driver

There are  plenty of complications that occur after a collision caused by an uninsured driver.  People injured in a car accident don’t often think about how much  insurance the at-fault driver has purchased.  The importance of this becomes quite clear for those in the unfortunate situation where the other driver is uninsured or under-insured. Obtaining fair compensation for the injuries and losses you incur in the car accident becomes a very different type of problem.  Understanding your situation and options if you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident with an uninsured driver, is something we can help you with.

Steps to Take if Injured In A Collision Caused By An Uninsured Driver

As with any auto accident there are some basic things you should do.  First, check your injuries and take immediate steps to take care of yourself and any other injured person. Contact first responders to get an ambulance if necessary and the police to investigate. The law requires the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident to make a report of the crash if it resulted in injury to or death of any person, or damage to the property of any one person in excess of $1,500.

Once you are safe, find out the facts.  One things is to try to learn about the other drivers insurance– not just the name of the company but the actual insurance amounts.  This can help you determine if the driver is is uninsured or under-insured.  Uninsured drivers sometimes want to negotiate for cash at the scene or later to avoid having to file police reports. If this is the case, try to keep the driver around until the police arrive to document the car accident.

To keep the other driver around until law enforcement responds, you should maintain your calm at all times.  Make a point of not being aggressive and speaking softly so that the driver doesn’t get rattled. You should also be taking a mental note of your surroundings will help with the investigation. Use your cellphone and take pictures.  Try to remember (or write down) the details such as the other driver’s car make and model, their license plate number and their physical description.  Use a note taking function on your phone to dictate things that might be relevant

Get In Touch With Quality Accident Attorneys

Once you have taken stock of your circumstances and commit them to memory, you will definitely want to contact an accident attorney . The attorneys of Hepworth Holzer have substantial experience in pursuing claims for recovery involving uninsured and under-insured drivers. You may even have a claim against your own insurance company, but you won’t know until you talk to a lawyer, so contact the team at Hepworth Holzer for a free case review at (208) 328-6998 or use our online contact form.

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