Surgical Mistakes


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Pursuing Damages For Surgical Malpractice In Idaho

Patients put their lives and trust in doctors to provide responsible competent medical care.  But doctors are imperfect and they can make errors with significant consequences, such as nerve damage, loss of a limb, paralysis, and even death. At Hepworth Holzer, our attorneys focus on medical and surgical malpractice cases.  We know what it takes to establish legal responsibility so injured patients can collect the damages to which they are entitled.

We are particularly proud that, even though we take cases against even well-established doctors and hospitals in Boise, ID, our firm has maintained a positive reputation within the medical community.  This gives us a strong network of doctors we can contact for expert testimony.  And expert testimony is one of the keys to successfully recovering damages in a medical negligence case.  We understand the difficulties victims and their families may face after a surgical mistake, and we will take necessary action to ensure that negligent medical professionals are held accountable. Contact our law office online today or call (208) 343-7510 to meet with an attorney.

There is always a risk of error when undergoing surgery.   And Not every injury that occurs in a surgery is a result of a medical error.  But when an error occurs, Hepworth Holzer’s medical negligence lawyers are here to make certain that negligent parties are held responsible.

Common Errors Before, During, and After Surgery

Serious errors can take before, during, and after surgery, and can leave patients with permanent damage and life-threatening injuries. In our many years in practice, we have seen many of the same errors committed against our clients, including:

  • Anesthesia or other medication errors, such as administering too much or too little, failing to monitor the patient during and after surgery, and failing to check beforehand for any allergies or potential interactions
  • Damage to nearby nerves, tissues, or organs
  • Failing to remove all surgical instruments from a patient before closing incisions
  • Operating on the wrong side of the body or on the wrong body part
  • Performing the wrong procedure

1.   Causes of Serious Mistakes

Surgical errors can stem from a variety of different causes, all of which are entirely preventable. Lack of miscommunication between doctors, nurses, and patients can lead to dangerous errors, as can inadequate planning and taking short cuts during the procedure. Improper training, understaffing, and even drug or alcohol are other common causes of surgical mistakes.

Potential Damages in Surgical Malpractice Cases

A surgical error can significantly alter the rest of a patient’s life. Permanent damage, loss of mobility and independence, and an inability to work can leave victims of surgical malpractice struggling physically, emotionally, and financially. At Hepworth Holzer, our attorneys understand the hardships these errors can have on both victims and their families.

We can rely on our close ties with the medical community to provide expert testimony that proves the negligence in your case. You can count on our attorneys to aggressively pursue damages to compensate you for:

  • Current and future medical expenses, including any hospital stays or additional procedures to correct the error
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering caused by the error
  • Decrease in quality of life as a result of the injury

Rely on Hepworth Holzer, LLP TO Be Your Idaho Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you or a loved one suffered an injury during a surgery, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our law firm online or call (208) 343-7510 to arrange a meeting with one of our attorneys.

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