Farming Accident


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A Farming Accident Lawyer Can Help You Collect Damage.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, farming and ranching jobs rank in the top ten of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. A farming accident lawyer at Hepworth Holzer, LLP, in Boise, ID, can provide you or a loved one with the expert legal representation necessary to collect due restitution following injury. Farm workers can be seriously injured or killed by augers, tractors, heavy machinery, defective tools, chemical poisoning, fires, explosions, falls, and truck and ATV accidents. We are here to ensure that injured parties and their families receive the compensation they deserve.

Idaho Farm Accident Experience

Sorting out what rights you have when you have been involved in a farming accident is difficult. Our Boise farm accident attorneys have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to help you:

  • Investigate your accident to determine whether a product manufacturer or other party is at fault for your injuries;
  • Arrange for highly qualified experts to inspect and test machinery and equipment for defects;
  • Arrange for unbiased medical experts to evaluate your injuries and economic losses;
  • File suit against the companies and people responsible for your injuries;
  • Handle trials and conduct settlement negotiations in an effort to accomplish your goals;
  • File a Worker’s Compensation claim so you get prompt medical attention and disability benefits;
  • File a claim for Social Security Disability benefits if you are not going to be able to return to work within 12 months of your injury;
  • Assist you with filing for other public benefits, including Medicaid, public housing and County Assistance.

Farm Accidents and Injuries in Boise and Idaho

Our farming injury and accident lawyers are not afraid of the courtroom or fighting big companies to protect the rights of workers. We have the expertise to handle complex cases and have a large network of highly qualified experts to help us present your case. Additionally, we have the ability to finance cases throughout litigation.

If you want to:

  • Win compensation for your injuries;
  • Hold companies accountable for their negligence;
  • Keep unsafe equipment and tools out of the workplace,

you need Hepworth Holzer on your side.

Immigration Status: Some workers may be afraid to pursue their legal rights because of their immigration status.  Even if a worker is not working legally in the United States, the worker may be entitled to recover money for injuries he or she sustained.  Do not let your immigration status stop you from consulting with us. All consultations are confidential. Se habla espanol.

If you have been involved in a Idaho farm accident, consult with an attorney immediately. There are important time limitations on your claim.

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