Injured Due to a Faulty Handrail

Were you or a loved one injured due to a faulty handrail in Boise and have questions? Watch this video to learn more, then give our office in Boise a call.


What should I do if I fall due to a faulty handrail in Idaho?


Injured Due to a Faulty Handrail What should you do in a slip and fall case due to a faulty handrail? We have recently represented someone in this exact case. He was walking down a new staircase, and the handrail fell, and he fell and needed shoulder surgery. He actually ended up needing two shoulder surgeries. The big question is did the company who put in the handrail, or did the owner of the handrail know, that it was faulty, or, in this case, did the people who had installed the handrail do it properly? In this case, it was a steel handrail, it was tack welded – tack welding is just a temporary fix – and it didn’t meet the OSHA and building code guidelines for the kind of weight a handrail needs to support.

In a handrail case, the question is did either the owner of the building know about it and not do anything about it? If so, the owner is probably at fault. Did the installer install the handrail properly, according to OSHA and building code guidelines? If they didn’t then they’re going to be responsible. If you have any questions about a handrail case or slip and fall case, please give us a call. We’re happy to talk to you about it.

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