Choosing the Best Slip and Fall Attorney

Have you been injured from a fall and have questions about choosing the best slip and fall attorney? Watch this video, then call our Boise office.


How do I select the best slip and fall attorney in Idaho?


Choosing the Best Slip and Fall Attorney How do you choose the right slip and fall attorney in Idaho? It’s an important issue for any of you who have been in a situation where you’ve fell and you’re thinking about bringing a claim. It’s important that you have an attorney who has addressed these issues many times in the past because you’re going to want to know whether you have a case because, in a slip and fall case, that’s not a sure thing.

We talk to many slip and fall clients on calls every year. Together, we may decide that we don’t think we can prove that someone was negligent and caused the fall. For example, a person might be walking through a parking lot in Sun Valley during an icy snowstorm and they fall. The big question is are they at fault? Should they have made this walkway safer because if you’re on a sidewalk in front of a commercial building and they’re inviting customers in, that’s a little different than walking through an icy parking lot where you as the pedestrian know that it’s icy. There’s some expectation usually from a jury that you’re going to recognize that and you’re going to protect yourself.

Every slip and fall case is different. You need to hire an attorney who knows the difference and has some experience with how juries might respond to different situations because that’s also going to make a difference with how the insurance company’s going to respond to the situation. If you have any questions about slip and fall cases, please give us a call because we’re happy to talk to you.

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